Welcome to Grunt HQ

We are hard at work creating a dream HQ focused on inspiring, educating and empowering each individual to their fullest potential! We want to create something different from other gyms, think seminars, DJ sessions and many opportunities to grow not only physically but mentally. Training at some of the world's best gyms, I have hand-selected top-quality equipment for optimal training. No matter if you're aiming to conquer grand achievements or embark on smaller personal milestones, Grunt HQ is the place where your goals become not only within reach but achievable.

Culture: This is what is going to separate us from the rest. With highly qualified staff, a friendly atmosphere, and God mode lighting, we are just getting started! These days in the gyms, you are lucky to get a smile from someone, let alone a spot. Together, humans can do amazing things.

Staffed Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm